Friday, March 26, 2010

Young Mothers

So I wasn't at our home ward this past Sunday, but Tyson told me something that the high council speaker shared. I loved it and just had to pass it on. Speaking of young mothers, in paraphrase, this is what he said.....

...I have never seen any man as tired as I've seen young mothers...I take that back I've seen it once when I was in Vietnam on a flight heading back to base. There was a group of Navy Seals with me who had spent the last week being hunted by and running from the Viet Cong before we were able to pull them out. They were as tired as young mothers...

Yup, sometimes that just sums it up, doesn't it?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A True Canadian

Dispute having to wear skates that were way too big, not staying upright for more then two seconds, and being quite worried that he wouldn't get to meet Emma since mommy fell (don't worry we explained that since I only fell on my knees and not my stomach he'd still get to meet Emma) he LOVED skating!

This made me, as a Canadian, feel much better; especially after discovering that Ben is slightly disturbed by hockey! Apparently we really drilled home the fact that hitting and pushing are bad choices. After thirty seconds of hockey he started asking, with a very worried expression, "Why are they pushing?" and "Why are they being disobedient on the ice?"

Hmmm....maybe we should hold off on the hockey thing till he's a little older.

In the mean time we'll stick with arranging his nap time to be during key games and only allowing him out after the "disobedience" is over for the medal ceremonies, where he'll ask "Why is everyone singing in the tabernacle?" and "Why are they holding broccoli?"

You have to admit, from far away they really did kinda look like broccoli.