Sunday, January 29, 2012

Test Key

Well everyone gets an "F" for "Fantastically failing to reply", but that's alright. I kinda snuck it up on ya. You didn't think you'd have to take a quiz when you came to this blog, so I'll let it go. Oh what the heck I'll even give you the test key, just for the fun of it!

Question #1

IN is this....

WITH is this...

Question #2
Come on. Are you really going to make him choose? One involves cars and the other involves running free. I think it's a pretty balanced scale don't you.

Question #3
Well imagine increasing your body weight by 50% due to outdoor gear and then trying to wade through snow up to your thighs. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? Yeah Emma thought so too.

Question #4
Who knows he slept through both.

PS. Sorry about the horrendously grainy and unedited pictures and video. We had forgotten Carter (our canon point and shoot) and only had Tyson's itouch on hand and frankly I really don't have time to edit pictures or video, though there's plenty of times where I'd rather be doing that, particularity when those times involve yet another stinky diaper or load of laundry. Of course one is usually the result of the other!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Don't worry it's pretty simple, you should be just fine.
Just a hint though, you might want to review your prepositions.
Ready? Here's the test.....

Question #1
What is the difference between playing in snow and playing with snow?

Question #2
Which activity do you think Ben preferred?

Question #3
Which activity do you think Emma liked preferred?

Question #4
Which activity do you think Drew liked preferred?

Test takers may leave their completed test in the comments section.

Grades will be Awarded on a A-F scale. (Awesome - Fantastic)

Thank you for your participation.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Do you remember that month called December? Yeah? You do? So do I. It's actually my favorite month of the year. Yes it's true. I'm one of THOSE people. The type that absolutely love and adore anything Christmas-y. The whole kit and caboodle from the cold (hopefully white) weather, to the decorations, to the craziness. I especially love the beautiful carols celebrating our Lord. It is the one time of year I actually decorate stuff. The one time of year you can actually count on me baking stuff. The one time of year I usually go a little over the top. (Okay maybe it's not the only time I go over the top just a little, but it's definitely the most over the top.) I plan months in advance what all is going to go down during that special month of December. Yes I said months, and yes I'm serious. Just ask hubby, or really anybody that's known me for more than 30 seconds. Now even though I love Christmas, I'm not an early Christmas-er. I'm actually a little bit of stickler about that. Christmas starts on December 1st, not before and not after. This year was no different......

Actually it was.

Really different.

Most of you know why so I'll just skip ahead to Christmas Day shall I?


I can't really hear you, there's too much protesting going on.

No skipping you say?

Okay fine. I'll tell it in pictures, since I'm pretty sure that's what you're begging for anyway, right?

December 1st 10:05 AM
Sleepy and bored

11:25 AM
Not so sleepy and definitely not bored.

12:30 PM
A little wet, then dry and snugly

12:50 PM
Back with mom and Dad

4:40 PM
Waiting for big brother and sister

4:50 PM

December 1-4th
The Hospital

December 4th
Going Home

The First Week

The First Month


There you have it folks. In living color. The reason why this December was different.
Pretty cute reason if I do say so myself.
Thanks for scrolling along.

Oh and just in case you missed his name Emma's got your back......

Andrew Paul Eucker
December 1st, 2011
11:25 AM
7 lbs. 8 oz.