Sunday, January 29, 2012

Test Key

Well everyone gets an "F" for "Fantastically failing to reply", but that's alright. I kinda snuck it up on ya. You didn't think you'd have to take a quiz when you came to this blog, so I'll let it go. Oh what the heck I'll even give you the test key, just for the fun of it!

Question #1

IN is this....

WITH is this...

Question #2
Come on. Are you really going to make him choose? One involves cars and the other involves running free. I think it's a pretty balanced scale don't you.

Question #3
Well imagine increasing your body weight by 50% due to outdoor gear and then trying to wade through snow up to your thighs. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? Yeah Emma thought so too.

Question #4
Who knows he slept through both.

PS. Sorry about the horrendously grainy and unedited pictures and video. We had forgotten Carter (our canon point and shoot) and only had Tyson's itouch on hand and frankly I really don't have time to edit pictures or video, though there's plenty of times where I'd rather be doing that, particularity when those times involve yet another stinky diaper or load of laundry. Of course one is usually the result of the other!

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  1. I can't believe you put snow in your bathtub. that is a super smart idea!