Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just gas...

Ben is obsessed with gas as of late. Whenever he's smelling a bit fishy and we ask him if he needs a diaper change he nonchalantly states "gas, just gas". Sometimes he's right, sometimes he's not. Well the other night at Young Women's (I get to work with the youth or our church), during a particular quiet moment he let out such flatulence you'd have never though it had come our of a pint sized person. It of course sent the girls into hysterics, which only increased when Ben looked at me and informed me, with a knowing look, that it was "just gas". I have included a sample below.


  1. That is so funny! Whenever my five year old sister attracts attention for ripping one in public, she quickly retorts, "It's just air!" (And "air" is pronounced "ayyy-rrrrrr!".)

    I love how Ben repeats "Just gas" twice. Awesome.

  2. That's SO funny! A useful phrase to know... now he just needs to learn to blame it on his dad. :)