Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wonderful Wedding

So I know it's been just shy of forever since I've posted anything. Someday I'll catch up, but right now I'm posting pictures of Annie and Aaron's gloriously fun wedding. I figure if I don't do it right now I won't do it till after many more adventures and thereby incure the wrath of way too many family and friends. Of course I'm on the road so all the following pictures are SOOC (straight out of camer). They'll look better after some time in the digital darkroom. Enjoy!

PS. Because of some computer issues I could only post a few. Sorry!


  1. Lovely photos! Can't wait to see more. It was so great to see you. Good luck with your upcoming move and tell Tyson good luck is his program.

  2. Hey, how are things going? When is the big move? Wish Tyson the best from us for the new school year!

  3. What a cute couple. I love her dress.