Monday, January 18, 2010

Name and Pictures

It was sure interesting to see what name everybody thought we'd choose. For awhile there I thought for sure our pick would be left in the dust, but it pulled through in the end. That's right we've decided to name her...

Emma Jane Eucker

or "just Emma" as Ben says. He's not convinced she gets to have more then one name. We're working on that.

There's also been some of you who have been wanting prego pictures. Can't really imagine why. They're not that attractive, but to appease my adoring public here you go. of these things is not like the other........


  1. Soooooo not fair! How is it that you are so slim and trim? Whenever I'm pregnant I swell up like a bloated whale.

  2. wit woo!!! You are lookin' good Leah! cute skirt! You don't even look prego!

  3. You are GORGEOUS, Leah. Love the hair, the outfit, everything!

  4. Ummm, you're pregnant? Are you sure? That's impressive! I looked like a cow with Evi and like I had a basketball up my shirt with Adler by that point. Lucky girl! Good luck with everything and I hope you enjoy having two! It's definately different than one!

  5. How can that possibly be?? I was twice as pregnant twice as early with my second. What is your secret?