Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big day....

Today was a big day. Why? You ask. Because today was the day that two of my most favoritest boys started the next big phase in life.

This guy started college...

This guy started preschool!

Can you believe it! In my head Onion will always be that little boy informing me that the brio train tracks he's playing with are, and I quote, "your bones" (sorry no little onion picture, which is too bad because he was/is super cute) and Ben will always be this cute little thing...

But for better or for worse for everyone else these boys are growing up, so without further delay the obligatory first day of school photos.

The fam...

So excited walking just wasn't fast enough!

And look who showed up to surprise us! What a treat!

Already anxious to wave us out the door.

New classroom...Check
Computer (A.K.A. a scrabble board)...check

Hugs hello...

...hugs good-bye.

An abandoned sister.

His personal heaven.

Meanwhile....Emma decided to have an adventure of her own.

A safari with Mr. Dangly


  1. Oh looks like it was a great day. How is the mama doing?
    I will have to watch you for everyday now so we can chat it up in the parking lot!

  2. The boys are looking good. Were there some tears behind the camera?