Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caught Red Handed

Today I caught Ben red handed.

What was he doing, you ask?

Well Emma had just settled down for a long short winter's nap (a.k.a. night time (a.k.a. not sleeping in the dark)) and was a bit fussy...just a bit. I was doing my motherly duties by ignoring her wails while rinsing poop out of the days pink pants and momentatirly forgetting about child #1.
Then I hear whispering coming from our room. Uh oh. Our room and eldest child rarely mix with satisfactory results. Checking my reserve tank of patience, because let's face it by this time of day I'm definitely well into my reserves, I very stealthily poked my noggin' around the corner and saw...

...a very sweet older brother whispering "I love you Emma" over and over into the baby monitor. He doesn't know it's only one way and she can't actually hear him. Somehow that makes it even sweeter. I almost dissolved into a heap of weapy "I love my munchkin so much. He/she is the sweetest and/or cutest ever" goop right there on the spot.

But then child #1 turned around and asked "mommy, do you have another baby in your tummy?"


Not so cute.

Excuse me while I do a few crunches...

...and maybe go for a run.


  1. Ha! I loved this post. (Except, uh, the part about your tummy. I absolutely hated that part.)

    That is the cutest thing.

  2. So sweet. And don't feel like he is asking you that because he think your tummy may look round, it is not!
    He is asking you this because really he enjoys being a big brother!

  3. Oh Leah! I love reading your posts! You always make me laugh! What a sweet little boy! Isn't it so fun catching them doing the cutest things!

  4. Brigham has also announced that Mommy should have another baby: preferably this time one who can crawl.

  5. oh, so funny! What a cutie! And then what a stinker! ;)