Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school.....

I know it doesn't look it but he'd been asking us at least five times a day for the last three weeks if he got to go to school today. Well today we could finally say YES!! Another year of preschool is off to a great start.

We also attempted to get a family photo via the "guy with the longest arms holds the camera out and clicks the shutter" tried and true method.

Obviously it's not exactly tried and true for us. Oh well.


  1. You finally updated! tee hee hee :) He is so adorable with his back pack all ready for school. I am planning on getting a few first day of school picture, too!

  2. Hip hip hurray for preschool!! And I saw little peeks of your new hair cut - so cute! do you love it?!

  3. I just discovered this blog through Annie's site, and saw this picture. He looks just like Will when he was little! So cute! Hope you and your family are all happy and well. Jenny Cheng