Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just for Steve

So this post is dedicated to our friend Steve, the Lichen King. Whenever we see lichen one of us inevitably mentions Steve. Last summer up in Canada we saw this specimen and decided to take pictures. We had grand plans to make the pictures into a card and send it to him. We even composed a cheesy, poorly written poem for the inside. Well Steve here's your card in electronic form.

"Thinking of you"
When ever we see a colorful rock
We are filled with a powerful shock

We think of Steve and what he would say
"Why that's a Petraphillaorangea!"


  1. I'm Lichen your blog!
    I had no Idea you guys were so poetic. I am not at all surprised since you possess so many other great talents

  2. Yeah Joann for commenting! I feel sooooooo loved!

  3. Great poem!! Don't you love paying attention to lichen? I never knew I'd think so much about it!