Friday, April 17, 2009

Over the River and through the woods.....

Okay so we didn't go to Gum Gum's (Grandma), but she did come here, along with Bop Bop (Grandpa) and Uncle Onion (Uncle William)! It was a blast! Here our the highlights of their extended weekend visit.....

Of course there was a visit to the train...ah...I mean Zoo.

Reading with Onion and Gum Gum (not pictured)

Playing "hide and seek" Ben style.

Ridiculous looking donuts.
(Yes that is actually bacon on that maple bar)

And last but certainly not least...techno dancing.
Fortunately for all of you what you don't see in this video is that all of us were enlisted to join in the fun, including the flops. But the sight of us all jiggling around would have probably scarred you for life. Consider yourselves saved.

All together a wonderful, but too short few days. Full of good food, good fun, and great family! We even got to video chat with Annie and Aaron, who have now been dubbed Auntie and Uncle Dubai. We only wish Nina could have had some part in it. Maybe next time!


  1. Love the hidenseek picture! I would really like to see the whole Fam dancing next time! Oh and how do you do the picture collage thing??

  2. The collage I did with Picasa. It's free program you can download. There are other ways to do it that you have more options, like in Photoshop. But picasa is super easy if you don't want anything fancy.

  3. ah, those donuts look good to me. I hope somebody ate the one with mini M&M's. :)
    P.S. Ben is SO cute, he looks like a mini Tyson...super cute.

  4. Oh, that dancing made me giggle! I want to dance techno with Ben!! I'm a closet techno girl at heart.

    What a fun time. And those donuts are crazy!! Where on earth did you get them?

  5. I love that hide and seek picture too! How fun. I'm glad you got to visit with your parents and Will for a few days.

    As for the donuts, I think I'll look at these anytime I have an urge to eat one. Maybe the maple bar and bacon will help get rid of my appetite! ;)

  6. I love all the names! Looks like a great time.