Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So if you thought last month had a lot of collages, well sorry to tell you, but you're wrong. This month has A LOT of collages. Remember the warning and proceed with caution.

First off on the agenda for the month of July was, or course, the 4th of July. We celebrated by spending the day at great grandma Schultz's house, watching the neighborhood parade, eating good food, and of course getting kinks in our necks in an attempt to see exploding lights. Being the excellent insightful parents that we are, Tyson and I were positive that Ben would enjoy the fireworks this year. Which I'm sure he did from under the blanket were he insisted on hiding after the first two minutes of the show. I bet he enjoyed the fireworks almost as much as he liked the little green frog that came over to visit that night.

Okay so really he hated the fireworks. In fact it took a whole week at the high end spa and resort Maison de Davidson for him to recover. His recuperation activities included...perfecting his tractor driving techniques, water aerobics with masters Jeremy and Monica, grueling endurance (for his mother) hikes, introducing Onion to the finer points of literature, cruising down the strip on a scooter, and of course giving the owners of Maison de Davidson pointers on how to improve their establishment (what can I say, he's a fan of head cutouts). He even found time to volunteered his translation skills on a phone call to Auntie Dubai! Meanwhile his mother, recognizing that besides the hike her services were not need (or indeed wanted), she took off to the far corners of King County shooting pictures with grandpa. And yes those are real dogs.

Enough with the fun stuff, on to more serious matters. Annie and Aaron's wedding. Following are the bulk of collages for this post; and since wedding photos tend to be rather self explanatory, without further ado....
The Pre-Party
(a.k.a. the relaxed "come hang out" version of rehearsal dinner)

The Prep
(a.k.a. hours and hours of digging, shoveling, chopping, shopping, cooking, sewing, planning, and primping)

The Ceremony
(a.k.a. the ceremony)
The Official Photos
(a.k.a. as official as they get when it's the sister learning on the job)
The Party
(a.k.a. the super cool, butt kickin' "reception" that included Guitar Hero, a blow up obstacle course, a beach and a samurai sword for cake cutting)
And that's the end of a great event! But not the end of the adventure. Right after the wedding, with barely a moment to breath, off we whirled to Canada (sans daddy, curses on the need to work). Now that was an adventure. This is all we jammed into that week....

...over 24 hours in the car, hiking to the horses, playing with grandma and grandpa Redd, riding with Uncle Dave, skipping rocks, catching grasshoppers, bumper boats, golf, giant maze, dancing in the rain, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, old Idaho mission, run away flip flop catching, an abandoned maze tour, bear watching, a cousins wedding, A&A's wedding dinner with the Redds, buffalo burgers, pizzas and cream, America's Most Interesting Museum, playing with cousins old and new..... oh and sleeping somewhere in there.

Well that covers all the major events, but just for fun here's some other random photos.

And that's July!

PS. If you click on the collages they'll actually get big enough where you can see those ity bitty pictures.

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