Monday, November 16, 2009


****WARNING: the next several posts will have a plethora of picture collages. Those who chose to continue should proceed with caution. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the cuteness/sillyness/greatness of the colleges stop reading immediately and come visit us!****

June. Now you all remember June. It's that month that happened awhile ago that's smack in the middle of the year. Nope not that one flip one more calendar page. There you go. That's June, and that's just how long I've been remiss with this blog. Yes I am hanging my head in shame. But moving on. This was our June........

  • We moved out of our little place, into the parentals big place
  • Leah went on an overnight to the beach, without any kids in sight!
  • Went on a reconnaissance mission with mom and Joann to check our where we'll be spending the next 5-6 years of our lives. This is what we found...

hmmm....this will be an adventure

  • Of course the most important event was attending our niece Lydia's baptism! It was a wonderful weekend trip. The whole Eucker clan drove up on Saturday morning to spend the day with Lydia and her family. The first half of the day was spent at the farmer's market, or more accurately the playground located next to the farmer's market.

Much fun was had. I mean come on. You have cousins, puddles, and an old kick ball all in the same place and fun is inevitable. Of course the best part was the baptism it's self. If was wonderful to be there and support Lydia. She looked beautiful and happy. We are so proud of her!

We tried hard to teach Ben about baptism before we went. We thought we were doing good till that night when his prayers went something like this..."thank you for going to Lydia's baptism, her sins washed away, and Ben's sins washed away...sad!" hmmm...well I guess we'll have to put a little more emphasis on the "this is a good thing" part.

This great weekend was capped off with an overnight stay with the Davidson grandparents, where we got even more playing time in and a formal introduction to the newly painted kitchen.

Nina had brought home a little jumper for Ben from her trip to France. Sunday morning Ben and Grandma had to have a serious conversation about how to avoid the embarrassment of having matching outfits.

Sunday afternoon we discovered how much Ben likes corn on the cob. He "helped" Uncle Onion shuck the corn by bringing each ear inside to grandma. Of course by the time each ear made the trip from the porch to the kitchen a Ben sized bite was missing from each and every one. We're lucky they weren't cooked yet or else he probably would have gone ahead and finished 'em all off.

All in all it was a weekend very well spent. I think Ben thought so too, maybe, I don't really know. This is all we could get out of him almost all the way home....

Well that about wraps up June. Of course there was all sorts of playing, messes, and memories besides these but that would take a novel. However, just in case you're not overwhelmed yet and stopped reading to come visit us here's one more collage from June. Hopefully that will push you over the edge.


  1. Leah - I'm so glad to hear you guys are still alive!!! :) Of course, I've been meaning to email you about a thousand times . . . but somehow haven't. How is the new area? And school? Hope you're doing good!

  2. I can't get enough of the photo collages! More please.