Sunday, November 15, 2009

Off the edge

I know, I know! You've all been wondering if we've fallen off the face of the planet or something. Well we haven't. At least not yet. We're hanging on by a couple fingernails....


I broke a nail.

Alright one fingernail, but we're still here. I even plan on trying to catch up on the last several months in the coming days. At least, that's the plan. In the meantime however, since I know the person you've really missed is Mr. Benjamin....


Some of you may remember this. Ben was seven months old. This is the first and only time he's ever fallen asleep other then actual nap times.

At least until a week ago....

We wondered when energizer boy would run out of steam. I guess it takes about three years or... it always seems to be at meal times. Maybe he's trying to tell me something about my cooking, or lack of....
either way, good to know.


  1. Nice to have you back on the radar. Looking forward to hearing more about what has been keeping you busy (though an energetic boy is enough to keep me busy).

  2. What a sweet picture!! I think all our kids have gone through a phase right around 3 where they sleep in crazy places. Ellie was the best - especially at the table, although one time was sitting up on the couch. I LOVE it.

    I'm SOOO glad that you are blogging again! :)