Friday, April 16, 2010

What I'm doing....

With less than a week to go this is what I've been doing....

I started this quilt over two years ago when I first heard a friend was expecting a little girl. After working on it night and day since then (i.e. whenever the feeling struck and I had a working machine) I'm finally done. It will arrive just a little early for her 2nd birthday!

I also "started" (a.k.a. bought the fabric) this project a long time ago.

No it's not a storage bag for Ben, although he would fit. It's actually the mother of all diaper bags. And no it wasn't supposed to be that big. Oops. I guess it'll hold the nursery and the baby.

Not exactly imperative projects at this point in time. I've been working on them whenever I've been in the denial mode. Obviously I've been in denial a lot.


  1. WOWEE!! you're AMAZING, Leah. I am so impressed. that quilt is so beautiful.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous! It's fun to see the final product.

  3. Okay I haven't looked at your blog and commented for a bit and this has been SO FUN! It's almost like we got together and caught up on life. I LOVE all your projects and I love seeing Ben so grown up! Those roller skates look fun, does he like them still? Some things last a day or two and the excitement dies....Good luck with baby number two! I can't wait to see pictures of Emma.