Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 week and 29 years

Today we celebrated Emma's one week birthday and Tyson's "Golden Birthday" (a.k.a. 29 on the 29th) Emma's we celebrated by getting a six hour chunk of sleep. YEAH! Tyson's we partied like the animals we are. Below are pictures of what Tyson came home to. Ben was the one that artfully arranged the balloons, mom and I did the rest.

As you can see many presents were involved. 29 actually. Don't worry they weren't expensive or really very interesting. The boxes mostly consisted of things like 29 Jelly Beans, 8 bouncy balls, or 16 peeps.

I think it was a most enjoyable birthday, despite the unfortunate requirement of attending school, but the jury is still out on who enjoyed the 29 presents thing more....Mom and I while coming up with and searching out each item, Tyson while opening them, or Ben while helping daddy open them...

...he did a similar dance for almost every present!

And because I'm sure all of you were wondering what Emma was wearing for dad's big day, here's the outfit.

And also because I've somehow neglected to post a single thing since Monday, sorry about that everyone, here's a slew of more cuteness.

This onesie we thought was particularly funny; especially since we paired it with pink pants.

I think Ben was feeling left out. Every time we started taking pictures of Emma he wanted in on the action.

You can't have a slew of cuteness without at least one of the original Eucker cutie.


  1. Looks like you had a great B-day party for Tyson.
    What fun!
    Emma is so sweet! She is a good looking baby!

  2. Oh Leah! See is so beautiful! Aren't girls fun! I hope you guys are doing great, getting enough sleep(haha!), and loving those sweet little ones! Take care!

  3. darling. I love her onesie and her little frog legs and tiny grippy fingers. And, of course, the original cutie is every bit as fun to see!

    Happy birthday to Tyson, too - what a fun party!

  4. These are so cute!! I am so happy for you! Congrats!