Monday, December 7, 2009


Do you see? Do you see? Look at the title! It says November! Woo Hoo! I'm caught up!

Okay self indulgent moment past, moving on.

November brought what Ben has been looking forward too for quite sometime. His Birthday!!!! Grandma Eucker and Auntie Lyssa came up for the occasion. Unfortunately Grandpa couldn't come, but we skyped him in. The day before Ben's birthday we took him and his cozy coupe down to "cozy coupe road", which is the foot path that runs in between Pullman and Moscow. He had so much fun driving, running and looking for worms that he made himself sick, literally. The next day, Ben's birthday, We took the poor guy up to Spokane to go to Target (his favorite store) and by the time we got there he was running a fever. It was a short trip. After a nap and some "special" applesauce (laced with drugs) he was feeling better though. But, unfortunately for Tyson Ben only took one bit of his brownie "Sodor" cake that Tyson had slaved over the night before. Sigh. Oh well.

November adventures didn't stop after birthday fun. Two days after grandma and auntie left we got snow!! We might be crazy but we like snow in our household. Despite both Ben and I still feeling a little under the weather we just couldn't past up the white goodness. At first Ben wasn't convinced that dressing up like a marshmallow was such a good idea. He got over that pretty darn fast though. There was just enough snow to go sledding! Word to the wise, baking sheets only work so well. A day and a half later the now was gone so we hightailed it to walmart to buy cheap sleds. We're prepared now!

After the snow things were pretty quiet till thanksgiving. We headed up and over the cascades to spend it with my parents. While we were there we got to spend an afternoon with the Howell cousins. This is the only picture I got of them while trying to catch bubbles, but they had a blast. Ben couldn't wait till the school bus dropped off Carver right in front of the house! Those two boys produced wind energy with their enthusiastic waving to each other. As soon as Carver's feet hit the ground he took off at flank speed toward Ben. I would provide pictures of those two playing, but you wouldn't actually be able see them through the blur.

Thanksgiving itself was an adventure. My family and a friends family had volunteered to but on a dinner for the homeless at a local church. We had done this several years in a row a while back, but it's been about six years. A dinner was very lovingly prepared for 75. Five showed up! Apparently the church had discontinued it's regular weekly meals for the homeless so the church was no longer part of the homeless routine. We got a good laugh out of it, enjoyed a good meal, and took home enough left overs for weeks!

Well folks, that's all she wrote....for now. Hope you enjoyed the ride. See you in real time. (Hooray!)

PS. Ben also said good-bye to diapers this month. Finally!

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