Monday, December 7, 2009


Well September came and went quickly. We checked out a local park and a near by hill at sunset. We decided the park is the best one around and the hill will be a perfect July 4th perch.

Ben and I also spent a week and a bit on the road visiting grandparents, where he got to go to the father and sons camp out with grandpa Eucker. Ben LOVED it, and that's an understatement. He got to ride in grandpa's truck, run around willy nilly in a field, throw balls, eat hot dogs, and see trains. He wasn't a big fan of not sleeping in a bed though. A few minutes after trying to go to sleep Ben told grandpa "lets go home to bed". So they did. Luckily the "camp ground" (it was a local horse farm) was close enough they could go back in the morning and not miss anything. The rest of the visit was spent at the zoo (one of our favorite places) and hanging out in the backyard. We also spent some time with the Davidson grandparents but I managed not to get a single picture of that.

The rest of September.....well.....two words:


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