Monday, December 7, 2009


October will be an even slimmer post. No collages even. There was more sickness to be had. The only thing that we did that was even remotely blog worthy was carve a pumpkin or "bumpbin" as Ben calls it. (Apologizes in advance for the ridiculously poor photos. I was playing with the lighting/flash/exposure and never quite got it before the moment was gone.) No we don't even have Halloween pictures. Ben didn't dress up as anything and ending up just staring out the window at all the other kids (yes, I know...sad..) so if there were Halloween pictures they'd only be depressing. But as far as pumpkin carving I'm not sure if Ben knew what to think. I think he tried to find it interesting....

"What IS that stuff?!?!?"


"I think I'll just watch from here thanks....
That's not it dad. It's got to be a little further to the left!"

"'re still not doing it right!"

"Fine just do it yourself then!"

"Hey, that didn't turn out so bad...thanks to me!"

After all was said and done, and everything was a bit cleaner Ben decided he loved "his bumpbin" and was very excited to show it everyone. As long as you could decipher what he was actually talking about.

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