Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sometimes I hate choices...

...No I take that back...

...I almost always hate choices...

...No I take that back too...

...I hate MAKING choices, having choices is great, making them is hard. Particularly when the choice is whether to shower or take a nap with the 30 minutes that naps and quiet time all line up. What's with that? Why do I have to choose between two such good things? I really like showers. But I really like naps too. Sadly, for my husbands over sensitive nose, naps usually win out; until about day three or four. That's about when I start scaring people away, or my husband will very tactfully ask "did you want to shower today?", which is code for "hit the showers sticky pot!" Then the shower will prevail. Of course if my shower looked something like this... probably would be less of a contest.

Of course if my shower looked like that then my bed would look something like this...

...and we'd be back to square one.

Which would you choose. Shower? Nap?


  1. I so totally am there with you. I hate that making choices thing. I really really hate sitting in a resturant and trying to figure out what to have cause it looks all so yummy, they should a sample of everyhting for you.
    As for the shower thing, I try to make it to day four or five too. I love being able to take a nap, every afternoon- when possible. I would much rather be a happy mommy when it really counts. I can always put good smelling lotion and more deoderant on if meeded. :)

    1. Oh I never thought of the lotion thing...good idea!

  2. 30 minutes isn't enough time for me to take a nap. I need at least 45 minutes, otherwise I end up feeling even more tired than before. So I usually shoot for the shower.

  3. I am a napper. I am used to smelling like sweat and grime. Another 30 minutes won't hurt.

  4. If I had a small baby that woke me up in the night, I would choose a nap. No contest there!

  5. It seems like I'm in good company with other stinky moms!