Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Invasion

Our house is swarming with germs at the moment. It's like a petri dish in here. I've had to cancel two play dates, reschedule another, and it looks like I'll have to reschedule that one again. I guess it's Murphy Law, since I had just finally gotten my act together enough to start doing play dates again, since Andrew came along.
The germs started their invasion with Ben, last week, with croup. Did you know that 5 year olds could get croup? I didn't. I thought it was an infant sickness. But apparently you can actually get croup till you're about 15! Granted it is most common between 6 months and 3 years. Well Ben got it and now the other two have it. It's kinda funny that of our three kids, only one is actually in that "most common" age range, and she's had the easiest time of it. Ben's still struggling with a cough, though it's not very croupy sounding any more, and poor little Andrew sounds horrible, poor guy, and just wants to be held. I think our kids may be broken or something, because unless they have a fever of 104 the only way they act any different when they're sick is they are super duper, over the top, cranky. I spent the first few hours of my days with two screaming children and the other winning because he couldn't hear his movie. I'm pretty sure our neighbors hate us. Then to add insult to injury I'm sporting a glorious cold sore on my lip. Sigh. Basically the only person who isn't crawling with germs at the moment is Tyson, who spends all day working with germs. Ironic. Hopefully soon all these friendly germs will find somewhere else to go and we'll be able to reenter society.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if it's better when everyone is sick at the same time instead of taking turns, but it's really horrible either way! I hope you all feel better soon!