Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been wanting to do this for a couple years now, but I never seem to remember when the needed conditions are around. Well we got a couple inches of snow last night, so I finally did it!

What am I talking about?


Yup you read that right. Maple snowball smiles. I remember my mom making these for my sister and I when we lived in Boston.

Want the recipe?

Here it is....

Step #1: Gather ingredients
(yes it really must be Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, unless you're a heathen, then you have my permission to use that Eggo syrup junk)

Step #2: Find some snow
(good, clean, fresh snow is definitely preferable)

Step #3: Make a snowball
(Be careful not to over snowball, yes there really is such a thing, but make sure you pack it nice because it does actually make a difference)
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Step #4: Go back inside
(sorry no picture for this one)

Step #5: Heat up the syrup
(I know, I know, seems like you shouldn't, but really you should)

Step #6: Poor it over the snowball
(yup, it'll melt a but, and look kinda funny, but looks aren't everything)

Step #7: Place on table
(preferably where your 5 year old can see it, why?, they'll get curious)

Step #8: Watch them take that very first bite
(trust me it's worth it)

Step #9: Wait for that "oh my what is this fabulous stuff" face
(trust me, it'll come)

Step #10: The smile
(which is usually followed by a "you're the greatest mom in the world" hug)

There you have it. Maple snowball smiles! Wonderful, wonderful stuff, worth the slightly frost bitten hands don't ya think?

Oh, FYI, it doesn't work as well with fruity syrups, don't really know why...

..and it DEFINITELY doesn't work with molasses.

Ya know, in case you thought that might be a good idea.

Not like I did or anything...cough, cough....

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  1. What a great Idea! I can't wait to try it! You really have some of the best ideas!