Monday, February 6, 2012


Do you remember that month called December? Yeah? Oh right we've already been over this. Well I thought I share a bit about the rest of December, not just the Andrew parts, oh and there's a few pictures from January too, as a bonus.

Of course there was Christmas...

That was a little crazy hectic, but enjoyable. Emma's favorite part was her very own box of fruit snacks. I think she ate six or seven packs in an hour and a half. She then decided that she needed to go out and stand in the middle of the sidewalk in her pajamas in 30 degree weather. I guess all that sugar went to her head. Ben's favorite part was unwrapping stuff. It didn't even matter who it was for or what was in it. Having to take a break for nap time just about killed him. Andrew's favorite part I'm pretty sure was nap time, which I think was also dad's favorite. Mine was being able to "talk" to my brother on his mission on skype. His microphone wasn't working so we got to see him and just chatted amongst ourselves while he send us written messages. It would have been actually hear his voice but hey I'll take what I can get.

After Christmas Tyson and the older kids took off on an adventure that included a plane ride and a wedding...

It was the first time Tyson had traveled by himself with the kids. He did great! The kids did good too. I missed them. Which surprised me. This was the first time I was the parent being left behind. Usually it's me and the kids taking off. I have to admit I shed a few tears as they were walking into the airport. It didn't help much that Emma kept turning around going "mommy? mommy?" as she walked away. Heartbreaking. I did get plenty of sleep while they where gone though, which was the first time since Ben was born and I'm sure the last time for awhile. Tyson said that the wedding went well. The kids looked adorable, as usual. But apparently Ben would only get in his wedding outfit after Tyson told him it would make him a "wedding ninja"(see picture of leaping wedding ninja above, second down all the way on the left). Now he won't wear anything else to church except his "wedding ninja" clothes.

Now that's basically it for now, but here's some more pictures of Ben and Emma from the past month or so just because I love you. Oh and check our the picture of Ben waving from the Bus. It was his first day riding the bus to school and he was SOOOO excited!

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