Friday, February 10, 2012

Wedding Ninjas

Some of you may recall that Tyson, Ben and Emma took off to become wedding ninjas at the end of December. Well they brought back a wedding ninja outfit for little Andrew too, which of course resulted in an attack of wedding ninja-ness last Sunday.

At first Ben thought he was just way too spiffy of a ninja to deign to have his photo taken...

...he finally decided that he looked way too spiffy to NOT have his picture taken.

Emma, well Emma was annoyed about just about everything at the moment.

Ben was very pleased to show Andrew the ropes...

...while Andrew was just please to be involved.

Ten minutes later the boys continued to show off their ninja-ness, while Emma was anxious to move on to the next event of the day, lunch...

...eventually Andrew started wondering how he ending up in the middle of all this.

I told him I didn't really know. It just happened.

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  1. Your kids are so cute!!! That mean-muggin' face Emma was making was so adorable! Good work guys. You made super cute kids :)