Friday, February 17, 2012


Last week I fell in love. Head over heels, loose my head, in love.

With this....

Ain't it bee-u-tiful!!

You know what I love about it...

besides everything...

it's a camera bag!

Can you tell?


Ain't it great.
It even fits other stuff, like keys, a wallet, maybe even an extra diaper or two. I've been wanting a camera bag like this for awhile now. Sure I have a couple other camera bags, one is a holster bag, which is great when I'm just going to take pictures and nothing else, but all it fits is my camera, it doesn't even fit my keys. The other is a backpack type bag that can hold extra lenses and stuff, but once again has no place for everyday stuff, like keys. I've been looking for a bag that is built to protect a camera, but is meant for everyday use so it has room for every day stuff too. You know, a toss the camera in and go type thing. This is it.

Camera protection...check.

Multiple pockets...check.

Cell phone pocket...check.

Key pocket...check.

Outstandingly gorgeous...check.

Super expensive...check, check.


Sigh, goodbye my love. I guess it was never meant to be...

Unless I become rich and famous...

...or win the lottery.

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